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Meet Magento is an international conference organized in over 40 countries. In Poland, it has been held since 2012 as Meet Magento Poland. It gathers Magento specialists and enthusiasts in some of the country’s most prestigious locations. It’s the biggest event of this type in Poland and Middle-Eastern Europe. At Meet Magento, business meets technology and innovations interlace with past implementations. It’s a space for an exchange of experiences and for expanding your contact list.

Meet Magento Poland is more than a conference - it’s a meeting of a business community focused on big eCommerce projects. It results in lasting business relationships, shared projects and new contacts. To refresh the format and encourage discussions, we decided to prioritize moderated panel discussions with specialists this year over traditional formats.

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Opinions about Meet Magento

Bartosz Kubicki
Bartosz Kubicki
Lizard Media
"I have been participating in Meet Magento Poland since the beginning of my adventure with Magento, and every year I am waiting for the next edition.
It is a great place to broaden your horizons and an opportunity to meet old friends. Great service and operator setting for this event make a special place in the conference calendar!"
Oleh Blynnykov
Oleh Blynnykov
"The impressions of the conference were exceptionally positive. I am happy that I was the part of this conference as a speaker. I believe that this is a great place for people who work with Magento and I would be happy to participate in future conferences as a speaker."
Piotr Siejczuk
Piotr Siejczuk
"The power of Magento always was, is and will be related to its Global Community! The same rule applies to the Polish Edition organized by the Team at SNOW.DOG. Our very own Meet Magento Poland has been always foreseen as the example and a value-adding point of reference how to organize this kind of events across the Globe. People who are attending Meet Magento in Poland can meet up with Experts who are happy to talk, share their knowledge, feedback and know-hows from past projects.

A colleague of mine (who was at Meet Magento Poland for the 1s time) told me it looked like I was coming here for some kind of Family Reunion (with the part of the Family that you actually do like!). People are friendly, always eager to share their feelings, ideas and feedback.

Come and see it with your own eyes and feel this "magic" sense of Community yourself!"
Maciej Harbuz
Maciej Harbuz
"Super interesting topics, the opportunity to hear about Magento not only from various sources, but also at sources. Regardless of interests (biz / tech) or level of advancement, everyone will find something for themselves.
Nevertheless, I am waiting for a return to the stationary form where, apart from what we had on stage, we also had the opportunity to exchange thoughts and experiences between performances."

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