Are you e-commerce manager?

Here is why you should attend Meet Magento

E-commerce businesses based on Magento (or those considering migration to Magento) have a lot of reasons to attend Meet Magento conference. First of all, you’d meet a lot of people who work with Magento on a daily basis and can tell you quite everything about it. No matter if you need financial expertise, project analysis or you just want to know details of its functionalities that may suit your business. Meet Magento is also a set of workshops, analysis of the online store that are already up and running (not only Polish) and also the possibility of meeting Magento representatives in person.

Ways convince your boss it is worth investing in your presence at Meet Magento:

  • I’ll attend the biggest Magento-related event in CEE
  • I will get to know people who might be our future business partners
  • I will get to know Magento developers and experts
  • I will see detailed case studies of the biggest Magento implementations
  • I will come back with new knowledge, contacts and ideas on how to improve and grow our business
  • I will learn how to optimize Magento, what is the future of this platform and the directions of its development
  • I will learn about tools that makes our daily work with Magento easier