Are you magento developer?

This is why you should attend Meet Magento

If you are a Magento Developer, you probably don't need an explanation why it is important to continually develop your knowledge and skills. “Advanced” presentations and workshops are dedicated to those who already know the platform and want to know more about innovations, changes, tools and all about testing.

Ways to convince your boss to invest in your presence at Meet Magento Poland:

  • Thanks to the variety of presentations given by both Polish and international speakers, I will learn about latest, best practices in Magento programming
  • When analyzing case studies I will see how other teams implement big projects
  • In the workshops I will work side by side with senior developers and Magento experts to increase the quality of my code
  • I will learn about solutions to common problems in Magento implementations
  • My motivation to work will increase :)
  • I will bring new knowledge to the company on common problems, useful tools and expert hacks