Are you PHP developer?

Learn why you should explore Magento world

If you already know PHP and you'd like to get to know Magento better, this conference is for you. This year for the first time we decided to keep some presentations on "Rookie" level, so developers who would like to get to know the platform, how to deal with it, how to become certified etc.

Ways to convince your boss to invest in your presence at Meet Magento Poland:

  • In presentations dedicated to "rookie" Magento developers I will get to know Magento environment, ecosystem around the platform and how Magento is present in e-commerce
  • I will learn why it is worth developing skills in this direction
  • In practical workshops led by experts I will learn Magento basics, extensions and dedicated tools
  • Magento experts will show me how to recognize “perfect Magento implementations” and how to achieve them
  • I will learn everything there is to know about the Magento certification program
  • I will come back with new knowledge, skills and energy to explore Magento